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Hey guys! Jen and Marie here. This is our page of all of our Hanson stories, that way it would be easier to find them. We'll also try to put on this page when we update them. We'll also add story and page links that we like later. Email us at (Jen) or (Marie) Also, if you have a story or any links to sumbit, please submit them to Marie . But for now, enjoy!

NOTE: If you are submitting any links, PLEASE do not send the actual hyperlink. It would be alot easier for us if you give us the URL (htttp://www.....) and the name of the site seprately. Thanks!

Our Stories:

Thinking Of (Both Of) You
Jen and Maries first story...FINISHED
Thinking Of Only You
the sequel to Thinking Of (Both Of) You.....UPDATED (Oct 10)
Maries Hanson Story
Maries individual story....started Aug 10....**2nd chapter up Sept 2** SORRY for lack of updates! New chapter up next weekend!
Friends 4 Ever
One of Jens stories...She'll try to update it soon (don't blame her...look at how many other stores she has!)
Jens other Hanson story..UPDATED (Oct 10)

Stories other people wrote:

Misty's Never Ending Soap Opera- funny shit
My Stories
LOTS of stories on here...including Prison of Lies
Sweet Daze: A Hanson TV Movie
The OFFICAL Hanson site...ran by the The Boys...check out the Admiral Twin page!!
The cool Unoffical site
Hanson Links
Almost Perfect....and more
a few Hanson stories
Dreams Never Die
cool story, not finished
Tulsa 74312
AWESOME Hanson story...also not themes (wow I never seen anyone click on a link so quickly!)
Hanson Stories
cool page.....check it out! (Amelias Stories)

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